The Power of Direct Mail Marketing

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With the rise of digital marketing technology, most small business owners put more focus solely on social media, SEO and email marketing and tend to neglect direct mail. However, direct mail offers a powerful way to generate new leads and has a 75 percent higher brand recall than digital. When you have the power to put your brand in the right people’s hands, you have the power to make your brand irresistible.

Here are 4 valuable advantages that direct mail offers you, as a complement to your existing marketing strategy.

  1. Delivering Value

Whether you just opened up a new business and you want to create brand awareness or you’re a local business that’s been around for a while and you’re looking to increase traffic during slow periods, offering discounts is always a good solution. Direct mail is a great way to deliver value for your specific business and for consumers who are on the hunt for great deals. According to one study, 93 percent of people said they would use paper coupons in 2018–up from 88 percent in 2017.

  1. Standing Out

The dimensional nature of direct mail lets you add a level of production value in a manner that no digital ad ever could. For example, Money Mailer’s iconic red, white, and blue oversized envelope is sure to stand out in the mail and get noticed. Inside the envelope, our full color, 2-sided, glossy format with plenty of advertising space allows advertisers to project all of their brand’s values and personality for consumers to see.

  1. Building Local Cred

Big-box retailers and giant corporations are everywhere. Ecommerce is disrupting the notion of who exactly it is we are doing business with every day. In this day and age of faceless and impersonal businesses, direct mail lets you re-remind your neighbors that you’re a vibrant and relevant part of your local small business community. For many people, that angle is a serious criterion for how they choose who they do business with.

  1. Intelligent Targeting

With the proper technology now in place, direct mail has the power to reach exactly the right people you need to reach, minimizing waste and inefficiencies. With Money Mailer’s exclusive SmartZones technology, we can hand pick local neighborhoods with the higher income consumers who are most likely to become your new customers. When your mail is able to reach the right audience, it becomes a purposeful piece of communication with staying power.




Gear Up For Spring and
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Spring is finally here and Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you haven’t already, make sure to offer great deals during this peak period!

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Spring Cleaning – 20% off for any new customers
Florist – Free Flower Delivery ($14.99 Value)
Card & Gift Shops – 20% Off Any Purchase
Department Stores – All Clothing – Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Restaurants – $10 Off 2 Dinner Entrees of $30 or More, 20% off Catering Orders
Photography – $20 Off Digital Prints

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