The Importance of Google Analytics

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Direct mail is still a very powerful marketing tool, even in a digital age, however you might not always be able to tell. This is because if a consumer gets a direct mail piece for a business they aren’t familiar with, their first move is most likely going to be a visit to that business’ website.  Which marketing tactic gets the attribution or “credit? Search marketing–which tactic actually deserves it? Direct mail.

In order to give credit to the correct medium and tell which marketing channel is truly responsible for driving traffic, you need to incorporate the proper measurement tools and understand the relationship between physical media and Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool that gives you detailed data on website visitors & actions taken on your website and by having it properly configured you’ll be able to understand the impact your direct mail marketing campaigns have made for you, online.  As a full-service marketing solution, Money Mailer helps you analyze your Google Analytics reports and evaluate response.

When we review your Google Analytics report together, you’ll be able to see the performance of all of your active marketing channels, including direct mail and more importantly, calculate a more accurate ROI.

Which Google Analytics Channels Contain Direct Mail Response?

  1. Organic Search: When a consumer types a keyword into a search engine, then clicks on the resulting link to your site.
  2. Direct: This is when a user types your complete business website URL directly into the browser without performing a search, or if they click on a bookmark from a previous visit.

How to Evaluate Response Within These Channels?

After completing your Money Mailer campaign, we will review your Google Analytics Acquisition Report and evaluate increases in traffic within the Organic Search and Direct channels.

For a business category that offers a low-cost/high-frequency product or service such as a restaurant or oil change business, they may see higher increases in response, however categories offering larger-ticket products & services may see increases over a longer period of time.

Google Analytics allows you to see the big picture and help you make better, data-driven decisions with regard to your marketing efforts.




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