Direct Mail

Shared Envelope Direct Mail

Direct Advertising in our distinct red, white, and blue envelope gives your business the opportunity to reach your target market at an affordable rate. At a rate of 3-4¢ a home, your business can reach high income homes in your area using ads designed just for you.

St. Louis Direct Mail Marketing - Money Mailer STL

Targeted Mailing Lists

Direct Mail offers businesses a targeted way to bring new potential customers through the door of their store while also keeping a relationship with existing customers. We can help you build a targeted marketing plan to reach your ideal customers, increasing revenue and profits. Use our service to target your customers based on age, household income, occupation, presence of children in the home, and much more!

Mobile App and Online Coupon Marketing

With many of our customers making the switch to digital, Money Mailer has decided to follow suit. Our new Money Mailer Coupons app allows local customers to find your business on the go, when they are ready to buy. Customers can find your company by name, type of business, location and more with our easy to use search function. Customers can also get driving directions or call your store with the touch of a button. When combined with our direct mailing campaign, this app really is the cherry on top of a great, comprehensive marketing strategy.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by assigning a tracking phone number to each mailing piece. Receive detailed reports of caller metrics, allowing you to analyze your marketing strategy and restructure accordingly. With real analytic data at your fingertips, you can rest assured knowing that your marketing pennies has been spent wisely. Choose from both 800 and local numbers.

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