Direct Mail: Still Relevant in a Digital World

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We are now living in the digital age and although technology has become an important marketing tool for businesses, it is still not the end all be all. In fact, the market for companies to gain exposure through email is becoming over saturated.

“Statistics show that in 2017 emails only had a 14.7% open rate. On the converse, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered, and of those individuals, 77% will sort through the mail immediately. Studies have also shown that 80-90% of individuals will open direct mail. If you are not using direct mail in this digital world, you risk missing out on 63% of your consumers.”

Direct mail is the old tried-and-true, and when overlaid with a technologically sophisticated, targeted marketing approach, direct mail can be even more effective, relevant and timely. One of directs mail’s biggest impacts is that it can offer customers something that digital marketing can’t, which is a hands-on experience.

While direct mail continues to have a resounding success rate, it is important to use it in conjunction with digital marketing as it creates a stronger brand experience for consumers. Integrating direct mail with an online presence has proven to be the key to a winning marketing solution as businesses can balance the weaknesses of one with the strengths of the other.

Direct mail has the ability to utilize precise, targeted data, just like online marketing. With the sophisticated technology that Money Mailer provides like SmartZones® 3.0, you can target specific consumer audiences to create effective, relevant and timely experiences between the consumer and the brand.

To further increase the experience, a direct mail piece will have a call-to-action for the consumer to explore online, inviting the consumer to interact with the brand once again in the digital space. With Money Mailer’s integrated marketing approach, businesses can connect with consumers through the mail, our mobile app, social media and on the web.

With the recent hit online marketing took regarding privacy concerns, businesses are having to turn to tried and true traditional methods. Direct mail is a great opportunity to reach targeted consumers using appropriate data to effectively engage them. It also provides consumers the opportunity to opt out if they choose, whereas internet ads showing a product you just talked to your friend about, are a little more difficult to escape.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is important for businesses to remember that online marketing cannot do it alone. For a successful marketing campaign, businesses must combine a demand-creating vehicle, like direct mail, with online marketing efforts, to achieve higher brand awareness, recall and increase ROI.




Score Big This Year On Labor Day Weekend!

As we prepare for Fall, keep the momentum from back-to-school sales going with great Labor Day sales. Most people look forward to two things during Labor Day weekend — football and great deals, so make sure to take advantage and create attractive offers.

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Most consumers wait for this exact holiday to purchase all types of different products and services on sale. No matter what category your business falls under, there are sure to be consumers looking in your direction—so why not be ready?

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Party Goods – 20% Off All Store Items

Liquor Stores – Free Liquor with $199 Purchase or more

Grocery – $10 Off Purchase [$30 or more]

Meat Stores/Butcher Shops – $5 Off $35 or More

Campgrounds – Free Canoe or Kayak Trip with 2-Night Stay

Amusement Parks – Half Off admission

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