6 Ways To Market Your Business To Millennials

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Millennial’s are the largest generation in America and finding ways to target them can be difficult. What does this mean for your businesses? It means that you may need to rethink the way you market your product or service. It is important to accommodate the shift in how consumers in their 20’s and 30’s want to interact with your brand.

Here are 6 tips to get started:

  1. Don’t give them a sales pitch. This media-savvy generation has grown up with advertising and does not want you to “sell” to them. Millennial’s want you to directly express what your product or service will do for them. What value will your business add? If you have the right solution, you are more likely to do business with millennial’s.
  2. Make doing business with you a good experience.Millennial’s thrive off of the experience they have with businesses. If they have a bad experience, you can expect to hear about it on social media. To avoid any dissatisfaction, make customer service a priority and know how to properly respond when a complaint arises.
  3. Get connected.To reach the most linked group of consumers in the world, your business needs to be connected. This means you need to be offering an enticing experience on smartphones and social media. Social media is how millennial’s communicate with each other and how they can communicate with you and your business. Don’t be afraid to interact with them!
  4. Make it personal.Like most business-people, millennial’s enjoy doing business with other people. If you don’t remember this, you will lose their business. Take advantage of Money Mailer’s targeting capabilities and personalize your marketing campaigns.
  5. Presentation is important. Millennial’s consume media all day, everyday. They are use to seeing visually appealing images and videos. The content you post on your social media pages does not need to be up to scale with Hollywood but it does need to be thoughtful and to the point.
  6. Give them a reason to tell their friends about you. One of the benefits to millennial’s being so media-savvy is that they can spread the word about a positive experience they had with your business within seconds on social media. Although it takes effort to create the kind of experience they will talk about, it will be worth your time – especially if your business relies on referrals.

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New Direct Mail Marketing Statistics

It has been proven that direct mail cuts through the clutter while offering to put your advertising piece right in your customers hands. More businesses are starting to incorporate using direct mail as their first choice in advertising, simply because it works!

Based on 2017 statistics:

1. 92% of shoppers prefer direct mail when making purchasing decisions.

2. 73% of consumers prefer direct mail for brand communication.

3. 81% of consumers will use coupons regularly.

4. 85% of millennial’s use coupons delivered in the mail.


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